One of our promoted venues Bristol Sports demonstrated this truly is the season of good will by rescuing the incredible doctors and nurses that work at Southmead’s Neo Natal Clinic.

Superhero doctors and nurses at Southmead’s neo-natal intensive care unit were facing the prospect of having no Christmas party and losing almost £2,000 after their originally booked partywent bust.

But they have now had their party saved – by Bristol Sports.

The 36 nurses, assistants and doctors in the NICU unit at Southmead paid almost £50 each in advance and booked via an events agency for a Christmas party for the ward last Saturday night, December 3.

The disappointing incident began for the Southmead staff when the firm initially claimed a venue had double booked them, then that they had lost their booking because they didn’t get their deposits in on time. Eventually, they confirmed the group was booked in to Bristol Sport’s hospitality facilities at Ashton Gate and the nurses and doctors were even sent menu choices.

However, the hospital received an email saying the events company had ceased trading. The circumstance of the cancellation was blamed on Brexit for causing a collapse in the Christmas party business this year, but reassured everyone that deposits and money had been paid through to venues.

The Southmead Neo Natal Clinic will most likely be spending Christmas endeavoring to get babies in intensive care home for Christmas 2016. Yet 36 of the city’s most important staff were now facing not having a Christmas party this year.

Bristol Sport came to the rescue. Ashton Gate chief stadium operations manager Mark Kelly learned the story of what had happened via social media and decided to act. Not only did he waive payment and issue everyone with a free complimentary ticket, he made the facilities available on the date the hospital staff had originally booked.

“To be honest, when we heard what had happened we immediately tried to help,” he said. “This is one of those moments when you can genuinely repay kindness with kindness.

“The neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Southmead made us aware of what had happened and that they would have to cancel their party. My team were united in the view that we couldn’t let them miss out on a rare night of celebration,” he added.

A lifelong Bristol City fan, Kezsa Mitchell, said her team were overjoyed. “This is such a kind gesture on the part of Mark Kelly and Bristol Sport.

“No-one really wanted to pay again, so it looked as though there would be no party. Then Mark Kelly stepped in and promised us complimentary tickets for the night we had originally booked.

“To allow us to stage the party without charge is brilliant and we’re all looking forward to December 3,” she added.

“The phone call from Katie saying that Ashton Gate would like to give us complimentary tickets to the Winter Wonderland Party night on Saturday was the best,” added Fiona. “We cannot thank them enough, it’s amazing.”

This is the quality of the event providers and venues we are always driving to put forward to our clients. It’s the time of year where goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy. We are so proud to say we promote Christmas Parties that can spread enthusiasm and joy in a disappointing situation. Merry Christmas to Bristol Sports and Southmead’s Neo Natal Clinic from Planet.