12 blogs – The Biscuit Club Edition

Christmas is the season of giving and there isn’t a sweeter time of year for our clients to indulge in our new Biscuit Club. To celebrate the launch of the Biscuit Club, we're sharing 6 exciting Christmas cookie ideas, courtesy of Country Living. White Chocolate and Peppermint Blondies Fairy Light Cookies Red Velvet Snowballs Christmas Ornament Sugar [...]

Get Christmas Dress Ready!

Did you know keeping an eye on how you chew food or how much tea you drink can influence how your clothes fit? With our tips, you can even tuck into bacon and eggs for breakfast — and burn calories while shopping. So don’t worry, we’ll have you zipping up that dress in no time. Drink Grapefruit [...]

12 Blogs of Christmas start Tuesday!

From Tuesday 13th December, Planet Pursuits will be posting 12 consecutive blogs all about how to manage parties, travel, hotel and events at Christmas. From surviving the Christmas party hangover to how to get home safely during the Xmas period Planet Pursuits has got it covered. Although we like to think we know it all, we want to hear [...]

How Bristol Sports saved Christmas for Southmead baby intensive care nurses

One of our promoted venues Bristol Sports demonstrated this truly is the season of good will by rescuing the incredible doctors and nurses that work at Southmead’s Neo Natal Clinic. Superhero doctors and nurses at Southmead's neo-natal intensive care unit were facing the prospect of having no Christmas party and losing almost £2,000 after their [...]